Stephenson Health & Fitness


Glenn Stephenson, qualified Personal Fitness Trainer working out of Rosemeadow, St Helens Park, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia registered personal trainer for flexible training throughout Sydney. Using the skill only life can install I was able to breeze through the Personal Training Course and be able to offer like minded busy people a way of getting fit with minimum changes to your lifestyle.

  • Changing me destiny

After 40 Years in the printing industry, and my wife going through the changes in life it was time for me to study and be able to help her, I decided a change my life style, left my job at the University of Western Sydney and studied at ACPE Academy for my new career in the fitness industry, as a Personal Trainer and the ripe old age of 55 its an eye opener indeed.

Your thoughts are usually, I will get someone young a to train me,  I am young at heart and fit enuogh but you can not put an old head on young shoulders, if your interested in really changing you situation without changing your lifestyle I am your best option.

  • Experienced in keeping people fit

After over 35 years in Karate where I have accomplished World Champion in 1994 Tokyo Japan and many national and state titles. Progressed in rank to be master Instructor and the highest rank in my style in Australia, with a successful franchise of Karate Academy Schools (Karate Academy of Japan Gojuryu) throughout NSW, QLD & SA. I don’t offer overnight remedies, gimmicks or any quick fixes instead, I offer you guaranteed weight loss, increased fitness & all the knowledge you require to maintain great nutrition.

  • My Qualiifcations

Call if you want to lose the weight, learn to eat right & get fit.


  • Cert III in Fitness

  • Cert IV in Personal Training

  • Casual Combat Inspector (NSW Sport and Rec)
  • Karate, Boxing & Kick Boxing Instructor

  • Strength Training & Power lifting Instructor

  • Nutrition & Weight Management advice

  • Rehabilitation programming, working children, older Adults & Obesity

  • Registered with Fitness Australia

  • Senior First Aid


  • Owner of Personal Training business (Stephenson Health & Fitness)

  • Owner Karate Academy of Japan Gojuryu (1983)

  • President and Chief Instructor AGKA Inc.

  • World Title WKKF Kata Bunkai (Tokyo 1994)

  • 7th Dan Kyoshi Black Belt (Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai)

  • 6th Dan Renshi Black Belt (Japan Karate Federation Gojukai)

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt (Okinawa Kobudo Federation) Traditional Wepons

  • Fitness Trainer & Sports Coach

  • Martial Arts, Self Defence tactics and awareness programs