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How to get abs and improve core strength

How to get abs and improve core strength, (check out Glenn Stephenson Karate on YOUTUBE) Just put together a great little sit up package that you can do from home. It develops great core strength and will give you abs in no time with the right diet, it take a[…]

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Glenn Stephenson personal trainer campbelltown

Developing a new body

I have been working hard at my studio in Rosemeadow, Campbelltown each morning to have the optimum result in my own training routine and have found the way to go my muscles are not too as sore and joints improving in strength. After my studies at ACPE Academy that helped[…]

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Enhance your potential through resistance training

Although most people go straight to cardio to lose those extra pounds a mix of Cardio, Resistance and a good eating routine can help you change your lifestyle. By losing weight and starving yourself can sometimes slow your metabolism thus when you stop exercise you gain weight or starve to[…]

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