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Enhance your potential through resistance training

Although most people go straight to cardio to lose those extra pounds a mix of Cardio, Resistance and a good eating routine can help you change your lifestyle. By losing weight and starving yourself can sometimes slow your metabolism thus when you stop exercise you gain weight or starve to the extent that you start to graze.

Having your own Personal Trainer even for a short time can improve your knowledge in how and why. Bring a friend a great way to start as you both motivate each other. Because of my experience in Karate training I have been to hell and back trying different ways to keep weight level and it works on not just what you eat but when you eat also.

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  1. Glenn Stephenson - April 23, 2017 12:18 pm

    Enhance your potential with constant improvements in life I am based in Rosemeadow, Campbelltown where I have taught Karate since 1983 when I opened a Karate Academy Centre. I find being fighting fit is a great advantage in life weather in Business or Pleasure it helps in every way. NOW I am into fitness as the industry grows there are plenty of Personal Trainers but NOT with the experience that comes with age. I still fight in the Dojo but have given up competition as that is a young persons game. I have had great results with weight loss trying different products on the market first before recommending to clients. If you this I fit your life plan give me a call on 0412668965.


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